Saturday, May 14, 2016

EB1 EB2 EB3 India China Pending applications

Last updated on 5/31/2016
Total number of pending I485 applications for India and China based on Priority Date

India and China EB2 Filing and Final action dates

Note: Year columns indicate the priority date. For example if you are on EB2 India category and priority date falls on year 2010, then look at the latest "As of date" row and add all the numbers from 1997 up to 2010. That is the number of I-485 applications pending before you. If your priority year and any years before that do not have a value specified, that means no applications have been yet accepted for those years. Add up un till what is available (say 2008) and that plus what you think might be potential applications  (say, 5000 for 2009 & another 5000 for 2010) would be the pending applications before you.

Per country annual limit for EB1/EB2/EB3 is 2802 (28.6% of 7% of 140,000)
Per country annual limit for EB4/EB5 is 696 (7.1% of 7% of 140,000)

From the below chart, if your priority date is in 2006, EB2 India Category, the number of pending applications before you (as of 1/1/2016) is approximately 936 (2+0+1+2+10+12+15+94+362+448)

India - Click to view

China - Click to view

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