Thursday, March 17, 2016

ATT Data Plan Change Mid Cycle

This is about changing data plan mid cycle for ATT Mobile Share Value Plan.

When you change data plan mid cycle, the data allowance is not Prorated. If you did not exceed the data limit on the day of the change of data plan, you will get prorated charges for the old and new plan and you will be able to use the full data in the new plan (data usage will be reset to zero on the day of change) for the rest of the billing cycle.

Example: If you have 15GB plan ($100). On 21st day of the billing cycle, if you have used 14.75GB and you upgrade to 20GB plan ($140) EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY and change it back to 15GB effective start of next billing cycle. Your data usage will be reset to zero on 21st day and you will have 20 GB to use for the remaining 10 days. You have effectively got 34.75GB (14.75+20) for this billing cycle. Your bill will be as follows (in addition to your regular charges)
Credit for the old data plan for the remaining 10 days = 1/3 x $100 = $33.33
Debit for the new data plan for the remaining 10 days = 1/3 x $140 = $46.66
Net increase in bill = 46.66 - 33.33 = $13.33

The cost provided above is for explanation purpose only and is approximated.

Note that, if you already exceeded the data limit mid cycle, you may not benefit from changing data plan effective immediately. You might want to change plan with back dating or pay overage fees per GB. This is because, if you change the data plan effective immediately, you will incur overage charges in addition to the prorated charges for the data used before the change which may not be cost effective.

Bottom line: If you think your group would use around 15GB or much more, take the 15GB plan. Upgrade data plan just before reaching the limit. You can upgrade multiple times in a billing cycle. You benefit the most, when you delay the most in upgrading (make sure you upgrade before exceeding the limit). Reset to original plan before the start of next cycle (effective start of next cycle).

Feel free to add your comments. I would be glad to know your thoughts and feedback.

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