Sunday, November 27, 2016

Save Money with Cash Back and Discount Coupons

There are different ways to save. Deposit money in a savings account, CDs, or invest wisely. You could save money while shop for your favorite brands, eat out, buy gifts, etc (on your day to day spending). Here are a few ways you could save. Happy Savings...

Cash Back

Discount Coupons / Promo Codes


Discount Gift Cards

Deal Sites
Credit Card
  • Citi Price Rewind - If you have Citi credit card, you may make use of Citi Price Rewind feature to get cash back on purchases if the price goes down in the 60 days from the date of purchase.
  • Your credit card might have revolving categories for higher cash back or the cash back for different types of purchases might yield different percentage cash back for different cards you own. Try to remember the best cash back card for each category and use the right card for right purchases.
  • Login in to your credit card online banking account and see if you have any offers or deals which you may add to your card. Most cards expect you to add the offer to get the cash back.
You might combine these in any way you like to get the maximum discount. You could sign up for loyalty programs from all the stores you shop. The rewards though very small, could add up to your savings over time. You don't have to carry all of the rewards cards with you if you link your phone number. Also, you could load them into your digital wallet and use it from your phone.

Of course there are tons of other ways to get cash back and discount coupons. If you know of any other sites that gives discounts or cash back, I would be glad to know. Appreciate your comments and feedback.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Earn Bitcoin without investing money

If you don't have a BitCoin address, you may use CoinBase to create one.

There are multiple sites that give BitCoins for various tasks. Some of them are listed below.

Earn every hour by completing a captcha and clicking a button
Payout Minimum: 260 uBTC or bits

Earn by completing jobs, surveys, offers or by shopping
Payout Minimum: 500 uBTC or bits

Earn by completing tasks, surveys, offers or watching videos
Payout Minimum: 300 uBTC or bits

Earn by visiting websites and spending some time on them (one to few minutes)
Payout Minimum: 55 uBTC or bits

Earn by doing keyword search powered by Google or buy keywords and earn when others search for that keyword. Earn 1000 satoshi per keyword search.

1 satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC
1 uBTC   = 0.000001 BTC

1 bit = 1 uBTC (microBTC)
1 BTC = 100 million satoshi
1 BTC = 1 million uBTC
1 uBTC = 100 satoshi

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Easy Carpool with Scoop - $20 PROMOCODE available

I recently started using scoop in order to commute to work. Scoop is an app that helps you to find carpool buddies, manages the rides, cost sharing.

Here is promo code which will give you a free $20 credit on the Scoop. Use the promo code GIRIDHAR3MD and get $20 when you take your first trip! It may take up to 48 hours after your first ride for the promo credit to be applied to your account. Download mobile app right here:

  1. Find carpool buddies matching your work/home location and time
  2. Choose your convenient timing every day
  3. Free cancellation until the deadline (Previous day 9pm for morning commute & 3:30pm for evening commute). For cancellation policy after the deadline, refer here (may be out of date)
  4. You may carpool with one person in the morning and you could carpool with another person in the evening
  5. Meet new people and make new friends in your community
  6. You may choose to drive or ride on any given day
  7. Things may not go as planned. If it gets delayed in the last minute or need to start early, you may contact the driver/rider and let him/her know. In my experience, people are understanding.
  8. As a driver, get paid that mostly covers your gas, tolls and wear of your car 
  9. As a driver, you may carpool in the morning and drive by yourself in the evening or vice versa
  10. As a driver, you may transfer the balance to your bank account.
  11. As a rider, convenient pickup and drop off from/to home and work
  12. As a rider, ride at discounted price (as low as $1 for some routes) for a limited time. Check your price by entering your home and work addresses in the mobile app.
  13. As a rider, if you ride in the morning, Scoop guarantees a ride back in the evening. If not able to find match, you can take other public/ride share option and reimburse up to certain amount ($40 I believe)
  14. You can refer other friends and both you and your friend can get $20 credit when he/she makes the first ride
  1. You cannot choose whom you want to carpool with. Scoop will choose for you. If your are driving, Scoop will try to match with some one commuting in the same route. But you can mark some as favorites and Scoop will try to match with your favorites when possible (at least thats what Scoop claims)
  2. As a driver, you cannot provide any radius with in which you want to match with
  3. For the morning ride, you will have to schedule the drive/ride the night before (before 9pm)
  4. As a driver, some times, the matches may not be convenient, have to drive in opposite direction (short distance), driving through street traffic. But by adding the desired route buddies as favorites, I believe over time, the matched carpool buddies would be in the favorite routes.
Here is promo code which will give you a free $20 credit on the Scoop. Use the promo code GIRIDHAR3MD and get $20 when you take your first trip! It may take up to 48 hours after your first ride for the promo credit to be applied to your account. Download mobile app right here:

If you have already installed the app and have not used a promo code, you can still use the promo code by going to "Pricing & Payments". You will see a box to enter a referral or promo code.

If you have any questions, most of them would be answered here.

Find the list of Scoop users in your area here

Happy commuting!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

ATT Mobile Share Advantage Plan

ATT came up with new Shared Data Plan and was available from August 21, 2016. You can continue to use current plan. But once you change to new plan, there is no going back. The new plan claims simple pricing and no overage costs. Then, what is the catch. Here is the extract from ATT article: "Instead of overage charges, after customers use all of their high-speed data amounts, all data usage will be reduced to a maximum of 128 kbps for the rest of their bill cycle". This is good for those who are not diligent in monitoring their data usage and want a hassle free plan or are using a plan other than 15 GB. For those who are diligent in monitoring the data usage and are in 15GB plan, the new plan is not good.

ATT Mobile Share Advantage Plan is a disadvantage for those who are/were on 15GB plan. You can find the charts comparing the cost per line for different data plans in Old and New Plans. The Blue line represents the Old Plan (Mobile Shared Value Plan). The Orange line indicates the New Plan (Mobile Share Advantage Plan). It is very clear from the graphs, the new plan is indeed good for those who were on any shared data plan other than 15GB. Every plan other than 15GB has a new plan with same or more data for lower per line cost. For those who are in 15GB will have to either downgrade to 6GB or 10GB in order to maintain their monthly cost or pay more to retain the data limit.

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You may click on the images to view in detail.

Cost/Line comparison (excluding taxes/fees) with 4 lines

Cost/Line comparison (excluding taxes/fees) with 5 lines

Cost/Line comparison (excluding taxes/fees) with 6 lines

Cost/Line comparison (excluding taxes/fees) with 7 lines

More details:

The content in this article is solely my perspective. You should not make any decisions solely based on this article. I would appreciate any comments you would have regarding the new ATT Mobile Share Advantage Plan.