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Indian Bank Account Online Transfer

The information provided below may not be accurate and up to date. Please contact bank for up to date and accurate information.

The information may vary with banks.

Accronym forElectronic Funds TransferReal Time Gross SettlementImmediate Payment Service
DescriptionOperates on Deferred Net Settlement (DNS) basis, which settles transactions in batches.
12 settlements on weekdays.
6 settlements on Saturdays.
Transactions settled individually for amounts above 2 Laksh (up to 10 Lakhs).Transferred electronically for smaller amounts (up to 2 Lakhs)
TimesMon - Fri: 8am to 7pm
Sat: 8am to 1pm
Not available on Sundays, second and forth Saturdays and other holidays.
Mon - Fri: 9am to 4:30pm
Sat: 9am to 4:30pm
Any time. No holidays.
LimitAny amount. Min: Rs.1Rs. 2 Lakhs - 10 LakhsRs. 1 Lakh - 2 Lakhs
(plus GST)
1 to 10,000 - Rs. 2.50
10,000 to 1 Lakh - Rs. 5
1 Lakh to 2 Lakh - Rs. 15
2 Lakh to 5 Lakh - Rs. 25
5 Lakh to 10 Lakh - Rs. 50
2 Lakh to 5 Lakh - Rs. 25
5 Lakh to 10 Lakh - Rs. 50
1 to 10,000 - Rs. 2.50
10,000 to 1 Lakh - Rs. 5
1 Lakh to 2 Lakh - Rs. 15

Saturday, December 23, 2017

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Fundrise - Create Account

Fundrise has IRA option also.

No advisory fees up to 12/31/2017. 0.85% after that.

Fundrise has 2 types of products - eFund and eREIT. You can find more about it at Fundrise.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

US Passport for Minor

The information provided on this blog post may not be accurate or is out of date. Please refer to the official website for up to date and accurate information. 

Steps to apply for US Passport for newborn:

  1. Take an appointment at USPS if it takes appointments and has availability as per your schedule. Or walk in. If walking in, be prepared for long wait times at USPS. You might even have to go very early to get token.
  2. Both parents and the new born have to be physically present. If one of the parent is not able to come, check the site for the documents needed for absence of a parent.
  3. Completed Application form (DS-11) - Better to fill online and print it. Or you may download PDF and fill with pen.
  4. Original Birth Certificate of new born (One) - Proof of citizenship
  5. Copy of Birth Certificate of new born (One) - Proof of relationship to parents
  6. Passport size 2x2 photo (One) - see photo guidelines
  7. Copy Both Parents ID - (One) Photo copy of Drivers License or Passport or refer here 
  8. Have the Parents ID with you to show to the agent at USPS
  9. After applying you can check the status of your application here. It may take a week or two to show up in the system.
  10. For official instructions for passport application for minor click here
Steps to apply for India Visa for minor

Documents to take care after new born - Person of Indian Origin

The above details is may not be accurate. Please refer to official site for up-to-date and accurate information.

Useful Links:
US Passport FAQ
How to Apply US Passport?
SSN for children
SSN processing times

India Visa for Minor

The information provided on this blog post may not be accurate or is out of date. Please refer to the official website for up to date and accurate information.

Application Steps:

Step 1 (CKGS)
Start at CKGS visa application
If you decide to ship the documents, it is better to pay shipping online instead of paying your own shipping outside the application
After completing CKGS form, you will be provided a TEMP ID and redirected to site (Govt website).

Step 2 (GOVT SITE)
Start a "Regular Visa Application" here. (Note: Do not click "Complete Partially Filled Form" when you come here for the first time. This is for those who want to continue the Govt website section later after visiting atleast once)
You will be given another TEMP ID which you can use to continue this section later
Once you are done here, you can download/print the application form. Also you will given an APPLICATION ID (which can be used to download the application form later).
You will see "Book Appointment" button even if you have chosen shipping. Go ahead and click the button you will be redirected back to CKGS website where you will fill the necessary additional forms

Step 3 (CKGS)
Fill the additional particular form

Step 4 (CKGS)
Parental authorization for minors

Step 5 (CKGS)

Step 6 (CKGS)
Print all the forms, receipts, label and barcode (you will have links to all the forms which you can download or print)
- Checklist
- Visa Application Form
- Additional Particulars Form
- Parental Authorization for Minors
- Payment Receipt
- Shipping Label
- Barcode

You will have to print a page containing bar code along with shipping label. The barcode need to be affixed below the shipping label.
You do not need to print the return shipping. You will just be paying for it. CKGS will print the label when they are ready to ship back the document.

Once you have mailed or submitted the documents in person, you can track the status by going to and to "My Account".

Supporting Documents:

- Birth Certificate (copy)
- Passport (Original)
- Passport (copy of bio page)
- Both Parent's Passport (copy of bio page)
- Both Parent's Address Proof - Drivers License or other relevant document (refer checklist)
- Both Parent's legal residence proof if Non-US passport - Visa or Work Permit
- Passport size photo (Note: Photo should be different from that on the Passport bio page)

Place the documents in the same order as mentioned in the checklist

Application Tracking - Sample Timeline:

The tracking timeline will vary for each application.

Day 0Tue18:00Mailed documents & passport to CKGS (Shipping paid via CKGS)
Day 1Wed14:21Received by CKGS, Not Verified
Day 2Thu13:39Verified by CKGS
16:34Under Process at CKGS
20:59In transit to Consulate
Day 3Fri12:54Under process at Consulate
18:48Reviewed and In transit to CKGS
21:02Received by CKGS and is at Sorting facility
Day 4Mon14:18Dispatch
Day 5Tue13:24Received passport by mail


1. Should I apply Visa or OCI?
For a minor, OCI need to be renewed every time the passport need to be renewed (after 5 years). The cost is not a factor as renewal cost is just a fraction of the initial OCI application cost. Though initial cost is higher for OCI, the total long term costs would be cheaper than Visa.

- Can stay longer than 180 days during a visit
- Can own property in minor's name
- Only initial cost is higher than that of Visa. Renewal charges are much less than that of Visa.
- Takes longer to get OCI

- Quicker to get compared to OCI
- If you get lucky, your visa could be approved for 10 years, which means you need not renew after 5 years.
- Can stay up to 180 days during any visit
- Cannot own property in minor's name
- Pay the similar amount every time you apply. Total cost over the longer term is higher than that of OCI.

2. What is the URL for the Govt website? CKGS mentions Govt website everywhere but does not say what the URL is.

3. What type of visa should be applied for minor (Person of Indian Origin)? - Tourist or Entry Visa? "Minor Child (either) Parent is Indian" - 3,6,12,60 or "Tourism".
You may apply for either Tourist Visa or Entry Visa
Entry Visa is given only to Person of Indian Origin
Entry Visa can be extended beyond the validity period by approaching the concerned FRROs/FROs cum Superintendents of Police (
Entry Visa cost varies by validity with higher cost for longer validity. So, in terms of cost, Tourist visa is better as you get 5 years Tourist visa at the same price range as Entry Visa for few months.
If you decide to apply Tourist Visa, its better to start from instead of

4. Date of Travel? Date of leaving your country or Date of arrival in India?
You may specify the date of arrival to be in sync with the date in the second half of the application (govt website)

5. Duration of Visa?
This is not the duration of stay, its the duration of validity of the visa.

6. Duration of visa in months for minor?
You may specify the maximum you wish to obtain (120 months). But its up to the visa officer to decide the validity. Minor are usually given 5 years (60 months). You may get lucky and get 120 months visa for minor. If it happens, you may not have to re-apply for visa after 5 years even though you will have to renew your passport. I believe, the visa on the expired passport should be valid even after 5 years (until 10 years). Please correct me if I am wrong in the comments.

7. Have you stayed in the country for 2 years?
"Yes" is fine for a minor less than 2 years who has not left the country. Note that answer to this question is derived from your answers. Not sure which answers relate to this question

8. Apartment name is a required field and I don't have a apartment name. What do i do?
You may split the street name into two and specify the second half in apartment name instead of specifying NA. This way, the summary of the form doesn't look weird. However, when this address is used for shipping label, you will see a comma between the street address and apartment address. It will give you an option to auto correct which you can use to fix the address.

9. I chose shipping but I see book appointment after filling online application form (govt website)
Just click the button. Ignore whats written on it.

10. Do I need to upload the photo? If I upload, don't I need to affix the photo on the application form.
Uploading photo is optional. You will have to fix the photo on the form independent of if you upload or not. Not sure what is the purpose of uploading the photo.

11. Thumb impression and signature on the Visa Application form
For minor if using thumb impression, put thumb impression on the first page and second page. On the second page, both the parents should also sign below the thumb impression

12. The Checklist mentions I need to send a prepaid envelope for the return documents along with the application. I already paid for the shipping while filling the application online. Is the prepaid envelope still needed?
If you paid for return shipping, you do not need to attach prepaid envelope for return documents.

Documents to take care after new born - Person of Indian Origin

The above details may not be accurate. Please refer to official site for up-to-date and accurate information.

Appreciate your comments.