Sunday, November 27, 2016

Save Money with Cash Back and Discount Coupons

There are different ways to save. Deposit money in a savings account, CDs, or invest wisely. You could save money while shop for your favorite brands, eat out, buy gifts, etc (on your day to day spending). Here are a few ways you could save. Happy Savings...

Cash Back
  • MrRebates (more info) 🌟
  • eBates (more info)🌟
  • Coupon Cabin
  • Honey
  • TopCashBack
  • JoinPiggy (browser extension)
  • LivingSocial Restaurants Plus Rewards - Link you credit cards to get additional cash back on restaurant purchases.
  • WikiBuy (Get $5 by registering using this link)
  • Ibotta - Earn cash back for in-store purchases from stores like Walmart, Target, Safeway, Costco, Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, Whole Foods Market, etc. Cash back is available for online purchase also for select stores. For in-store purchase, after the purchase, scan the items' barcode and the barcode on the receipt using the mobile app to get the cash back.
  • UPromise🌟
  • ShopKick [Mobile App] 🌟 Get cash back for just visiting stores or shopping sites or scanning the items in store or buying items. Its fun app that earns you cash back. Its like a scavenger hunt.

Discount Coupons / Promo Codes

  • FiveStars
  • BellyCard
  • Plenti 🌟 (ATT & Macys) - Collect points with Macys, RiteAid, ATT, and many more
  • OhmConnect 🌟 - Get rewarded for reducing your energy usage during certain times of the day. Signup now and join the others in saving the environment and enjoy cash benefits.
Discount Gift Cards

Deal Sites
Peer to Peer sites

  • Car Rental - Turo - Low price car rental, provided by car owners who want to make money when their car is idle

Credit Card
  • Citi Price Rewind 🌟 - If you have Citi credit card, you may make use of Citi Price Rewind feature to get cash back on purchases if the price goes down (in the same site or accepted different site) in the 60 days from the date of purchase. You can see the savings that could be made from using Citi Price Rewind.
  • Your credit card might have revolving categories for higher cash back or the cash back for different types of purchases might yield different percentage cash back for different cards you own. Try to remember the best cash back card for each category and use the right card for right purchases.
  • Login in to your credit card online banking account and see if you have any offers or deals which you may add to your card. Most cards expect you to add the offer to get the cash back.
You might combine these in any way you like to get the maximum discount. You could sign up for loyalty programs from all the stores you shop. The rewards though very small, could add up to your savings over time. You don't have to carry all of the rewards cards with you if you link your phone number. Also, you could load them into your digital wallet and use it from your phone.

Of course there are tons of other ways to get cash back and discount coupons. If you know of any other sites that gives discounts or cash back, I would be glad to know. Appreciate your comments and feedback.

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