Friday, July 25, 2008

Google Mini Search Appliance

Google has come up with a solution integrating hardware and software called "Mini". The Mini offers true plug-and-play installation and can be purchased online.


Mini helps in providing more relevant search results, making it a perfect solution for online search.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Knol by Google

Google has come with internet encyclopedia where anybody can submit articles of their interest. It has been widely viewed as the company's answer to Wikipedia, which has emerged as one of the Web's leading reference tools by drawing upon the collective wisdom of unpaid anonymous contributors.

Unlike Wikipedia, Know requires the authors to identify themselves to help the audience assess the source's credibility. Google doesn't intent to scree the submissions for accuracy and instead will rely on its search formulas to highlight the articles that readers believe are credible

The contributing author and Google will share any revenue generated from the ads, which are supposed to be related to the topic covered in the knol.

My First Knol:

You can sign up at and start ur knols :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Human Body

1. Our heart beats around 100,00 times every day
2. Our blood need to travel upto 60,000-miles
3. The length of human blood vessel is such that it circles the globe 2.5 times
4. Human brain is the most powerful computer which has the processing speed of 3000+ Ghz
5. The ears never stop growing through lifetime
6. the human heart pumps 5 litres of blood in one minute (and that's just while we're resting!)?
7. The average human blinks his eyes 6,205,000 times each year
8. Each ejaculation normally contains between 200 and 500 million sperm
9. The sperm is the smallest cell in the human body
10. Your Hair Is Almost Indestructible
11. Middle ear bone (Stirrup/Stapes) is the lightest and smallest bone

Saturday, July 12, 2008

New iPhone 3G release

New iPhone Released with the following features
- 3G Speed – Browse fast on 3G cellular networks
- Twice as Fast, Half the price
- Seamlessly switches between EDGE, faster 3G and even faster Wi-Fi
- If no 3G network available, it switches to GSM for audio and EDGE for data
- Surf the web
- Download email
- Get Directions (GPS)
- Watch video even during call. Talk while browsing the net
- Multi-touch control – Control everything with two fingers
- GPS – iPhone uses A-GPS (Assisted GPS, providing faster information)
- GPS is powered on only when required, thus saving power
- Accelerometer – Changes the display orientation depending on the position and direction
- Smart Sensors – The brightness can be controlled automatically by the surrounding atmosphere. Brighter in brighter places and darker in darker places
- Supports 21 languages

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

E-Verify and OPT Extension

USCIS has declared that, F-1 students with STEM degree, who didnt get H1B, can apply for OPT extension if employed by a company registered in e-verify. With this, the students get 29 months instead of 12 months.

What is e-verify?
A online system operated by DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and SSA and (Social Security Administration). Employers can register and find the work status and employment eligibility of the newly hired employees. More than 69K employers are registered.

What it means to employees?
For those F-1 students with STEM degree, who didnt get H1B, can be benefitted from this, by applying for OPT extension to 29 months from 12 months.

E-verify is free

Mandatory for employers?
No. But its mandatory for Federal Contract Employers.

How to Register?
Answer the four questions and you have to accept the MOU (Memmorandum of Understanding)

Why some companies have not registered?
- It requires the staff to train for the program
- It requires periodic reporting the DHS
- one of the points in MOU says,

"The Employer understands that participation in E-Verify does not exempt the Employer from the responsibility to complete, retain, and make available for inspection Forms I-9 that relate to its employees, or from other requirements of applicable regulations or laws, except for the following modified requirements applicable by reason of the Employer's participation in E-Verify: (1) identity documents must have photographs, as described in paragraph 5 above; (2) a rebuttable presumption is established that the Employer has not violated section 274A(a)(1)(A) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) with respect to the hiring of any individual if it obtains confirmation of the identity and employment eligibility of the individual in compliance with the terms and conditions of E-Verify ; (3) the Employer must notify the Department of Homeland Security if it continues to employ any employee after receiving a final nonconfirmation, and is subject to a civil money penalty between $500 and $1,000 for each failure to notify the Department of Homeland Security of continued employment following a final nonconfirmation; (4) the Employer is subject to a rebuttable presumption that it has knowingly employed an unauthorized alien in violation of section 274A(a)(1)(A) if the Employer continues to employ any employee after receiving a final nonconfirmation; and (5) no person or entity participating in E-Verify is civilly or criminally liable under any law for any action taken in good faith on information provided through the confirmation system. The Department of Homeland Security reserves the right to conduct Form I-9 compliance inspections during the course of E-Verify, as well as to conduct any other enforcement activity authorized by law."

What other things I need to know about e-verify?
After you join a company registered in e-verify and extend your OPT, you may switch employers, but only those who are registered in e-verify (even if you have valid OPT for 29 months). So once you are in OPT extension, you are obliged to work for only those employers who are registered in e-verify.

Some state governments have mandated e-verify for the following states with some restrictions.
Arizona, Georgia, Colorado, Illinois, Mississippi, Rhode Island and South California

Your comments are welcome...

Info valid as of June 16, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tomatoes - Risk of Salmonella

Salmonella is a bacteria which causes typhoid fever and food bourne illness. Its usually spread through poultry products and raw eggs.

Now there is fear that, its spreading in tomatoes. There are still questions if tomatoes are the real cause or any other ingredients were the actual cause. Its three months since the first case of Salmonella.

People are getting sick. Restaurents who greatly depend on tomatoes, esp Mexican for salsa and others are finding it difficult to find an alternative. The alternatives they have come up with ended in tasteless food.

Its very difficult to find the root of the proble, where its originating from. Because, tomatoes are grown in one place, distributed to another place, sorted and sold in remote locations. And also, they are mixed.