Friday, August 17, 2012

OptionsHouse Review is a brokerage site for stocks, options, spreads, etc.

It is one of the low brokerage fee firms I have seen, with almost no hidden costs. It is mainly well suited for option traders with very low and flexible fee for options.

Stocks - $3.95 flat (There may be extra fee for penny stocks less than $2)
Options - Either $5 for 5+$1 per contract over 5 or $8.50+.15 per contract
(In other words, if you will be mostly trading 10 or less options, $5 for 5 works best)

The interface looks very convenient with most information available on the same page. So you would not need to go from one page to other or switch browser tabs. I personally like the interface very much. And it is well known for its mobile application.

Some inconveniences which I have seen with stock trading:
If you place an order without selecting "all or none", you cannot later modify the order (while its still open) and select "all or none". In order to do this, you will have to cancel the existing order and place a new order with the option enabled. Also there is no way to make the "all or none" option selected by default. If you forget to select during the order, chances are that it gets partially filled and you would end up paying the same fee for a very small portion of the order.

What I have heard from other reviews (NOT my views):
- The daily, monthly and yearly profit/loss is some times not correct
- Most of the orders are partially filled
- No proper intimation of over usage of margin funds and fees being deducted from the account

Note: Please check the site for accurate information

I shall add more details as and when I find them.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

California PERM Processing Time

Category: EB2
Country: India
Priority Date: May 10, 2012
Approval Date: July 18, 2012

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Facebook IPO First Day

FB opened at 42.05 and went as high as 45 and dropped down to the ipo price of 38.00

Those who thought were unfortunate not to get the IPO, had a chance on first day to get the share on the IPO price (38.00).

I am very exited to follow the market, especially FB.

What would be the highest price that FB will reach today? 46?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Indian Passport Renewal in US

Old Site:
New Site:
Consulate General of India, San Francisco has engaged M/s VFS Global as an authorized agency for providing passport related services, with effect from May 3, 2012. 
Call Center: (202) 391-0190
Mail all documents to 3232 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94118
Guidelines & Source of following details:
Application Fees: $ 40/- (ordinary booklet - 36 pages) or $ 50/- (Jumbo booklet - 60 pages). There is a service fee of US $3.00(including GST) levied per application over and above the Embassy of India fees. Payment method: cash at counter/certified check/money order payable to embassy of india Washingon DC. Money order for $43 payable to: VFS services USA INC Debit card/Credit Card/Checks not accepted - please confirm with the consulate
Four things you may have to do apart from filling the forms and gathering the documents
  1. Photograph as per requirements at least 3 copies
  2. Take photocopies of required documents
  3. Notarization of all the photocopies
  4. Money order payable to VFS services (USA) Inc
Documents & Notes:
The appointment date specified in the application is invalid. If you need an appointment (if you are submitting the documents in person), you may schedule online ( or call (202) 391-0190 or (202) 800-7412. The office is open from 9 - 12 noon and 3 - 6 pm. If submitting in person, no need to notarize the documents as you will be carrying the originals with you.
In 26 and 29 of the passport application form all applicants should put their specimen signature or thumb impression
Three (3) recent passport size colored photographs (2”X2”) with white background. Glue one on the space provided on the first page & staple the rest on the last page of the application. Polaroid prints or Computer prints will not be accepted.
Photocopies of first 5 pages and last two pages of your current passport.
Color photocopy of current valid US visa on passport or Green card or Employment Authorization Card or I- 797 approval notice documents. In case documents are being sent by mail, please notarize visa status photocopy.
A Photocopy of marriage certificate is mandatory if your status has been filled as married in the application form. Notarize the marriage certificate photocopy
Photocopy of a residential proof of the applicant (Driving License, State ID, Utility bill such as Gas, Electric or Water or Rental Lease agreement or Home Mortgage bill). 
Nationality Verification Form:
Addition of Spouse Name Form (May not be required):
Change of appearance form:
An application form for change of appearance is required with a photo glued on the form & has to be notarized. These cases include change in appearance from Adolescence to adult; (minor – 14 to 15 years of age to an adult). The form available in the link is for beard to no beard (vice verse). Its better you create a new word document and enter the details with reason which ever is appropriate. Example: “Adolescence to adult (minor – 14 to 15 years of age to an adult).“

Note: All the photocopies must be notarized if sending by mail

You can track your application at or The first link may not work.
Things to expect at the San Francisco Consulate
  • If you have an appointment, don't be worried about the crowd. The crowd is usually for Tatkal application. Make sure you arrive on time. But don't be worried if you were not called on the scheduled time. There could be occasional delays.
  • There are 2 counters
  • Only the person, whose passport to be renewed will be allowed inside the waiting room
  • The person who was answering to people's doubts/questions at the consulate was very patient in answering the questions
Declaration: The above information is subject to change and not error proof. This is based on my experience on passport renewal in May 2012. So please refer the VFS site for accuracy. (

Sunday, January 8, 2012

searchqu removal

Just follow the steps and get rid of searchqu. No need to install any malware removal tool.

1. Uninstall iLivid Software
2. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows iLivid Toolbar or C:\Program Files\Windows iLivid Toolbar and run uninstall

Go to about:config (and click I will be careful)
Filter: keyword.URL
Change the value of keyword.URL to
Filter: browser.startup.homepage
Change the value of browser.startup.homepage
Under options, change the homepage/default page to

If you want to change the default search engine use any one of the following,