Thursday, August 10, 2017

US Passport for Minor

The information provided on this blog post may not be accurate or is out of date. Please refer to the official website for up to date and accurate information. 

Steps to apply for US Passport for newborn:

  1. Take an appointment at USPS if it takes appointments and has availability as per your schedule. Or walk in. If walking in, be prepared for long wait times at USPS. You might even have to go very early to get token.
  2. Both parents and the new born have to be physically present. If one of the parent is not able to come, check the site for the documents needed for absence of a parent.
  3. Completed Application form (DS-11) - Better to fill online and print it. Or you may download PDF and fill with pen.
  4. Original Birth Certificate of new born (One) - Proof of citizenship
  5. Copy of Birth Certificate of new born (One) - Proof of relationship to parents
  6. Passport size 2x2 photo (One) - see photo guidelines
  7. Copy Both Parents ID - (One) Photo copy of Drivers License or Passport or refer here 
  8. Have the Parents ID with you to show to the agent at USPS
  9. After applying you can check the status of your application here. It may take a week or two to show up in the system.
  10. For official instructions for passport application for minor click here
Steps to apply for India Visa for minor

Documents to take care after new born - Person of Indian Origin

The above details is may not be accurate. Please refer to official site for up-to-date and accurate information.

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