Saturday, December 21, 2013

First Time in the US

Is this your first time to the US? Many things would have pulled your attention.

Length/Distance: feet/miles vs m/km

Weight: lb vs kg

Driving on the right side of the road is the right way

Power switch on is off and vice versa

Rubber vs eraser - When you write something wrong and you want to erase it, you use an eraser

Bill vs check - After dining at a restaurant you ask for check. Currency note is a bill. One dollar bill.

Apple doesn't sell PCs in the US. They instead sell Personal Computers!! PC means Windows Personal Computer

In movies, saving America is synonymous to saving the world

You better start liking football (Not soccer). Its American Football a lighter version of Rugby. Its called football because, its played with a foot length ball.

If you pay your credit card bill in full, some might think you are crazy because they think, why pay in full, when it says "minimum payment due" is far less. Don't be belittled. Just do what you think is right.

If you are on a visa, your legal duration of stay is determined by i-94 (used to be stapled on your passport, now it is made online) provided at the port of entry to US. The date mentioned on the i-94 takes priority over all the other documents you have (visa stamped on the passport, i797, offer letter, ead card etc).

The electronic power plug may not be the same as the one you used in your country. You might need power adaptor.

If you plan to get a mobile, don't be surprised if you get charged when you receive an SMS/Text. Outgoing and incoming calls are treated equally (called talk time).

If you go to a movie theater, the seats are available on first come first serve basis. Very few theaters in the US allow seat reservation. Seat reservation is an advanced feature as per US standards.

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