Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dasavatharam Review

Dasavatharam - More of K.S.Ravikumar movie than of Kamal's

The movie is a masala movie with too much of bad graphics.

A good time pass film that has been shot in three countries and tells a story that travels from 12th century to 21st century and Kamal Haasan playing record 10 characters in the film. This is a world record as no actor has ever dared to do so.

Sanjeev Kumar did nine roles in 'Naya Din Nayi Raat' and
Sivaji Ganesan did the same in film 'Navaratri'

Having said all this, the movie doesn't give importance to all the roles. Most of the roles were enacted by Kamal just to create the count of 10. I would say, it as a effective number of roles as five.

With holywood crew, such kind of graphics is very annoying. But the effort made in depicting different roles is a great. Kamal has proved himself.

The comedy is good.Must watch for those looking for some kind a fun. They call this movie trend as butterfly effect. You know what is happening, but cant predict the next moment through out the movie. This makes a movie kind of dragging, especially the second half.

Those who expect perfection and good story, should not watch this movie.

Watch the movie for fun.

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Sivarajan said...

can u tell me one name except Kamal who can do this type of Experiment ! See telling a movie is not good is very easy ! u need to look at the hard work and the money spent ! any way comparing to some movies like "Kuruvi" etc its far far better. Dasavatharam is a steping stone for a very good Tamil movie in Future !