Friday, June 27, 2008

50 Free US Uncirculated Quarters

Great news for coin collectors.

WRME is giving away uncirculated quarters from 50 states for free to those who meet the 48 hour deadline for a $197 release fee plus shipping charges. You can order a complete set of uncirculated 50 State Quarters released up to this point including one quarter from each of the Philadelphia (P) and Denver (D) mints. You need to order over phone with in 48 hours starting 7 am on June 27, 2008.

Phone Nos:
South West: 1-800-731-4576
North West: 1-800-731-4576
North East: 1-800-731-4563
South East: 1-800-731-4558

Claim Code: FQ603

Each time a state is released a small number of quarters with the fewest contact marks and best overall appearance are select and place into archival safe Mylar flips.

Its staggering how much some of the uncirculated state quarters have already increased in collector value. In fact, the uncirculated Tennessess State Quarter has already increased in value an astonishing 1100% according to the Red Book values. The values of the Ohio and Louisiana Sate Quarter have also risen dramatically since their release date.

It's important to get both mint marks. The collector values of coins can differ dramatically and there are never any guarantees. Thats why savvy collectors always make sure to grab up both mint marks when they can ge them.And for those who do get the 2008 State Quarter Dollars it wouldn't be surprising if they wer worth significantly more at this same time next year.

Hurry, Not much time left ...
Dear coin collectors, avail this incredible offer...

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