Saturday, November 12, 2011

Android Starter Guide

Preparation: Installing SDK, ADT for eclipse and SDK components for eclipse
  • Eclipse Downloads
  • SDK download page
  • Installing the ADT Plugin
    • Install New Software: "ADT Plugin" - ""
    • Eclipse --> Windows --> Pref --> Android --> Specify the Android SDK path (This may be asked during first time restart of eclipse after software install
    • For detailed steps, click here
  • Adding Platform and other components
    • From within Eclipse, select Window > Android SDK and AVD Manager.
    • On Windows, double-click the SDK Manager.exe file at the root of the Android SDK directory.
    • Select all that apply and install
    • Create an AVD
      • In Eclipse, select Window > Android SDK and AVD Manager.
      • Select Virtual Devices in the left panel.
      • Click New....The Create New AVD dialog appears. Type the name of the AVD, such as "my_avd".
      • Choose a target. The target is the platform (that is, the version of the Android SDK) you want to run on the emulator. 
      • Click Create AVD.
  • Follow the hello world tutorial
  • The information presented above is the summary of the details collected from here
Issues & Resolution:
  • unable to get system library for project
    • update "target" to the right version
    • right click project --> properties --> android --> Project build target --> choose the target
    • right click project --> Android tools --> Fix project properties
  • The connection to adb is down, and a severe error has occured
    • Close the Eclipse if running
    • Go to the Android SDK tools directory in Command Prompt
    • type adb kill-server
    • then type adb start-server
    • No error message is thrown while starting ADB server, then adb is started successfully.
    • Now you can start Eclipse again
  • Unable to resolve target 'android-4'
    • Unable to resolve target 'android-4' ==> install SDK Platform Android 1.6
    • For other targets check the SDK Platform to be installed here
    • After installing the older android SDK, the project target might have changed and have compile errors. If so, change the target and clean compile