Monday, August 8, 2016

EB2 Priority Date - Cut off dates

The priority Date cut off date for Employment based EB2 category for Indians and Chinese.

Update Mar 2016: When USCIS determines there are immigrant visas available for the filing of additional adjustment of status applications, the Dates for Filing Applications chart may be used to determine when to file an adjustment of status application with USCIS. Otherwise, the Application Final Action Dates chart must be used to determine when to file an adjustment of status application with USCIS.
january febrary march april may june july august september october november december visa green card greencard gc employment

So depending up on if the visas are available, the corresponding dates are highlighted.

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Number of pending I-485 applications for India and China

EB2 Priority Date Cut-off Dates
Final Action
Final Action
Jul, 201822MAY0915MAR0901APR1501JAN15
Jun, 201801APR0926DEC0801FEB1501SEP14
May, 201801APR0922DEC0801FEB1501SEP14
Apr, 201808FEB0922DEC0801FEB1501AUG14
Mar, 201808FEB0915DEC0801FEB1508DEC13
Feb, 201808FEB0908DEC0815NOV1401OCT13
Jan, 201808FEB0922NOV0815NOV1308AUG13
Dec, 201708FEB0901NOV0815NOV1301JUL13
Nov, 201708FEB0908OCT0815NOV1315JUN13
Oct, 201708FEB0915SEP0815NOV1322MAY13
Sep, 201701FEB0922AUG0801OCT1315MAY13
Aug, 201701FEB0922JUL0801OCT1322APR13
Jul, 201701FEB0922JUL0801OCT1322MAR13
Jun, 201701FEB0901JUL0801OCT1301MAR13
May, 201701FEB0922JUN0801OCT1308FEB13
Apr, 201722APR0922JUN0801MAR1315JAN13
Mar, 201722APR0901JUN0801MAR1315DEC12
Feb, 201722APR0915APR0801MAR1315NOV12
Jan, 201722APR0915APR0801MAR1315OCT12
Dec, 201622APR0901FEB0801MAR1322SEP12
Nov, 201622APR0901NOV0701MAR1315JUL12
Oct, 201622APR0915JAN0701MAR1315FEB12
Sep, 201601JUL0922FEB0501JUN1301JAN10
Aug, 201601JUL0915NOV0401JUN1301JAN10
Jul, 201601JUL0901NOV0401JUN1301JAN10
Jun, 201601JUL0901OCT0401JUN1301JAN10
May, 201601JUL0922NOV0801JUN1301SEP12
Apr, 201601JUL0908NOV0801JUN1301SEP12
Mar, 201601JUL0915OCT0801JUN1301AUG12
Feb, 201601JUL0901AUG0801JAN1301MAR12
Jan, 201601JUL0901FEB0801JAN1301FEB12
Dec, 201501JUL0901JUN0701JAN1301FEB12
Nov, 201501JUL0901AUG0601JAN1301FEB12
Oct, 2015
(Revised on 
Sep 25th)

Sep, 201501JAN0601JAN06
Aug, 201501OCT0815DEC13
Jul, 201501OCT0801OCT13
Jun, 201501OCT0801JUN13
May, 201515APR0801JUN12
Apr, 201501SEP0701APR11
Mar, 201501JAN0701SEP10
Feb, 201501SEP0515MAR10
Jan, 201515FEB0501FEB10
Dec, 201415FEB0501JAN10
Nov, 201415FEB0508DEC09
Oct, 201401MAY0915NOV09
Sep, 201401MAY0908OCT09
Aug, 201422JAN0908OCT09
Jul, 201401SEP0801JUL09
Jun, 201415NOV0422MAY09
May, 201415NOV0415APR09
Apr, 201415NOV0408MAR09
Mar, 201415NOV0415FEB09
Feb, 201415NOV0408NOV09
Jan, 201415NOV0408NOV08
Dec, 201315NOV0408NOV08
Nov, 201315JUN0808OCT08
Oct, 201315JUN0815SEP08
Sep, 201315JUN0808AUG08
Aug, 201301JAN0808AUG08
Jul, 201301SEP0408AUG08
Jun, 201301SEP0415JUL08
May, 201301SEP0415MAY08
Apr, 201301SEP0401APR08
Mar, 201301SEP0415FEB08
Feb, 201301SEP0415JAN08
Jan, 201301SEP0408DEC07
Dec, 201201SEP0422OCT07
Nov, 201201SEP0401SEP07
Oct, 201201SEP0415JUL07
Sep, 2012UnavailableUnavailable
Aug, 2012UnavailableUnavailable
Jul, 2012UnavailableUnavailable
Jun, 2012UnavailableUnavailable
May, 201215AUG0715AUG07
Apr, 201201MAY1001MAY10
Mar, 201201MAY1001MAY10
Feb, 201201JAN1001JAN10
Jan, 201201JAN0901JAN09
Dec, 201115MAR0815MAR08
Nov, 201101NOV0701NOV07
Oct, 201115JUL0715JUL07
Sep, 201115APR0715APR07
Aug, 201115APR0715APR07
Jul, 201108MAR0708MAR07
Jun, 201115OCT0615OCT06
May, 201101JUL0601AUG06
Apr, 201108MAY0622JUL06
Mar, 201108MAY0608JUL06
Feb, 201108MAY0601JUL06
Jan, 201108MAY0622JUN06
Dec, 201008MAY06
Nov, 201008MAY06
Oct, 201008MAY06
Sep, 201008MAY06
Aug, 201001MAR06
Jul, 201001OCT05
Jun, 201001FEB05
May, 201001FEB05
Apr, 201001FEB05
Mar, 201001FEB05
Feb, 201022JAN05
Jan, 201022JAN05
Dec, 200922JAN05
Nov, 200922JAN05
Oct, 200922JAN05
Sep, 200908JAN05
Aug, 200901OCT03
Jul, 200901JAN00
Jun, 200901JAN00
May, 200915FEB04
Apr, 200915FEB04
Mar, 200915FEB04
Feb, 200901JAN04
Jan, 200901JUL03
Dec, 200801JUN03
Nov, 200801JUN03
Oct, 200801APR03
Sep, 200801AUG06
Aug, 200801JUN06
Jul, 200801APR04
Jun, 200801APR04
May, 200801JAN04
Apr, 200801DEC03
Mar, 2008Unavailable
Feb, 2008Unavailable
Jan, 200801JAN00
Dec, 200701JAN02
Nov, 200701APR04
Oct, 200701APR04
Sep, 200701APR04
Aug, 2007Unavailable
Jul, 2007Current
Jul, 2007Current
Jun, 200701APR04
May, 200708JAN03
Apr, 200708JAN03
Mar, 200708JAN03
Feb, 200708JAN03
Jan, 200708JAN03
Dec, 200608JAN03
Nov, 200601JAN03
Oct, 200615JUN02
Sep, 2006Unavailable
Aug, 2006Unavailable
Jul, 200601JAN03 
Jun, 200601JAN03 
May, 200601JAN03
Apr, 200601JUL02
Mar, 200601JAN02
Feb, 200601AUG01
Jan, 200601JAN01
Dec, 200501JUL00
Nov, 200501NOV99
Oct, 200501NOV99
Sep, 2005Current
Aug, 2005Current
Jul, 2005Current
Jun, 2005Current
May, 2005Current
Apr, 2005Current
Mar, 2005Current
Feb, 2005Current
Jan, 2005Current
Dec, 2004Current
Nov, 2004Current
Oct, 2004Current
Sep, 2004Current
Aug, 2004Current
Jul, 2004Current
Jun, 2004Current
May, 2004Current
Apr, 2004Current
Mar, 2004Current
Feb, 2004Current
Jan, 2004Current
Dec, 2003Current
Nov, 2003Current
Oct, 2003Current
Sep, 2003Current
Aug, 2003Current
Jul, 2003Current
Jul, 2003Current

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